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Receiver end node with raspberry pi pico and sx1262

Hi all,
I am kind of new to working with radio transceivers and i’m trying to create a receiving node with a Raspberry Pi Pico and a Waveshare sx1262-868m. At the moment i am using the same configuration to create an end node that successfully sends uplinks to a FiPy board that then communicates with my chirpstack server and manages to send the uplinks to the network server. The Raspberry Pi Pico connects thorugh ABP with the chirpstack server since it seems unable to receive downlinks (i’ve found some other topics talking about that so when the OTAA needs to work i’ll get to them).
Now i need to create the same receiving node that is created through the FiPy board with a Raspberry Pi Pico W and the same Waveshare sx1262-868m. For the transmitting node i used the LoRaMac-Node library but this isn’t really helping me for the receiving end since it is made of libraries packaged one inside another, and it is lorawan specific too, whilst i want something more generic on the radio configuration end.
If anybody knows about any implementation like that or any useful resource i will be happy to receive all the pointers.
Thank you.

Meshtastic (uses LoRa) works on the Raspberry Pi Pico, you can check their GitHub repo for their implementation