Receive Interrupt on SX1302CxxxGW1

Hello all,

I am using SX1302CxxxGW1 gateway with my host controller. I ran all the examples available and all are working fine. Only thing I want to try it to receive interrupt on my host controller when any Lora packets arrives.

I tried to search examples for it but I couldn’t find any. I saw there are some register for interrupt in lora_reg.c/h files. I just don’t know how to use them. I couldn’t find any documentation on it.

Any help would be appriciated.


It is not possible to configure interrupt on SX1302. The only way to know that a packet has been received is to use a polling-based method.

Dear Matthieu,

Thank you for your reply.

We are trying to use one method to achieve the same. I would like to share it with you. Your suggestion and idea will give us some confidence doing that.

There is one LED on GPIO4 which toggle every time any LORA packet arrives. Can we use that GPIO to give Interrupt to my host controller? Unfortunately that GPIO4 is not coming on Mini PCI interface. Only GPIO6 is coming on PCI interface. So we did one hack and tried to change that GPIO4 to GPIO6.

It is also working but It gives low to high pulse when each packets arrives. It should toggle just like GPIO4. We don’t know why that GPIO6 is behaving different. Is it expected behavior? Can we use GPIO6 because it is also giving low to high pulse every time new packet arrives?

Nileshkumar Vora


GPIO4 is the only GPIO able to toggle every time a LoRa packet is received - there is no other possible configuration. The behavior you observe on GPIO6 is a RX buffer watermark. Depending on how often you fetch data from the FIFO, this GPIO could be used as an indication of received packet.