Poor RSSI Problem with SX1276MB1MAS

I have an RSSI problem with mbed LoRa Shield boards(SX1276MB1MAS). I’m using Arduino Uno with the Arduino-LMIC library.
This is my settings:

  • output power: 14dbm
  • BW: 125KHz
  • SF: 7
  • Channel: 868MHz (HF)
  • and an antenna with 1/4 wave length, gain of 0.7dbi
    When sending in a room no more than 1 meter apart, I get a RSSI of around 90 dbm.
    I’m really confused and expected higher ranges in LoRa.
    I would appreciate your assistance with this RSSI problem.

You need to check if the SX1276MB1MAS module needs or has any direct RX\TX switching, if it does it might not be compatible with the Arduino-LMIC library.

Maybe following discussion on TTN forum may give some clues.