PA_BOOST Resets Chip

I’ve been going insane trying to figure out why my microcontroller was resetting after every lora transmit event. Eventually I hit on turning off the PA_BOOST pin and going with the defaults (setting 0x09 to 0x4F) and the problem went away. There must be a better solution to this however. Does the chip need to be shielded in to use PA_BOOST with some microcontrollers? I’m using an ATTiny1614.


So when you select PA_BOOST, which increases the power level and current consumption of the LoRa device, the microcontroller resets ?

Once again, I probably should have waited be for asking for help. I guess the USB hub I have this connected to is not providing enough current. It must have just been on the cusp.

It’s still odd that if I connected a good monopole-groundplane antenna to it, the problem went away.

Often it is the sudden inrush caused by the RF PA on the chip. Consider a 100uF ceramic across the PSU next to the LORA chip. Also a ferrite and 10uf to supply the CPU never hurts.

Thanks Simon. Much appreciated. I’ll give that a try.