No GNSS position solution

I’m using LR1110TRK1BKS and integrated with LoRaCloud to generate positions. This works well most of the time, but I occasionally get the following message:

GNSS solver error [5]: Either no assisted position, and/or no estimated position from Doppler algorithm, totalReceived=5, usableDopplers=0

The assist position is set and within a few kilometres of the actual device location. In these instances, the device seems not to perform a wifi scan, and so there is no location generated until at least the next GNSS/wifi scan, which sometimes produces the same result. As a result, the device location could be missing for some period of time, which is not ideal for our intended use.

My understanding is that if the assist position is a long way from the devices actual location, the GNSS scan should adapt and produce and autonomous scan. It’s possible that when the GNSS scan is low quality that the Wifi scan is also low quality (or zero visible) and thus its coincidental.

I’m curious is there is a requirement to orient the device in a particular aspect to enhance the sky to optimise the GNSS scan, I don’t see mention of this in the documentation.

I also can’t find reference anywhere to the above message, hence my asking here.