LR1110TRK Reference Device - Cloud Issues

We just received our LR1110TRK1xKS device, and are trying to set it up… We have a TTN gateway, and the device has paired and activated with the TTN. Next, we ran the sample code that Semtech provided:

I now see packets arriving at the LoRaCloud website, but there are no details. For example, items like SNR are blank.

Utilizing a cloud based solver is new to our company, so we are looking for any assistance in getting this first device connected and calculating location. Any thoughts as to why I am seeing packets, but the data seems empty?

Do I need a Payload Decoder running on TTN?


Hi @Thomas_Remmert ,

The LR1110 can be used as transceiver or modem. The DAS is to be used with the modem firmware, called LoRa Basics Modem-E, as it implements several services compatible with the DAS.

Please see this tech paper for more explanations about LoRa Basics Modem-E, and this project to flash the LR1110 as transceiver or modem.

Thank you for the response. I was unaware of the two modes. After reading the tech paper, it appears that we want to operate in the Modem-E mode.

When I use the LoRa Edge Android application, it shows that the LR1110TRK device is running LoRa Basicas Modem-E firmware version 1.00.07 So I assume the device is running the correct firmware? I don’t see anything on the app that suggests I am running the transceiver firmware.

As well, it says “LoRa Basics Modem-E status: Joined”

When looking under the devices in the website, I do see temperature, but I still don’t see SNR.

Are there any other documents you can refer me to? Frankly, I don’t even see any information on how we retrieve the calculated location. Or what, if any, modifications need to be made to our gateways.

Hi Thomas,

Yes trackers are send with Modem-E firmware by default, and v1.00.07 is the latest.

To have downlink SNR regularly reported to LoRa Cloud you must activate it in the info fields (see reference manual), but it is not possible to do it from the Android application.
The other solution is to request it from the DAS: In LoRaCloud DAS, on your device page:

  1. Click on Send requests
  2. Request type select Get info
  3. Check signal
  4. Click on Send requests

Next uplink the field dnlink will be populated in DAS answer to your Application Server. Your Application Server will have to queue the downlink to the modem. The modem will then answer with the signal value (RSSI/SNR) of the last downlink.

We are working on documentation improvement, in the mean time you can have a look to:

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Hello Thomas,
i am trying to make bridge between ttn and lora cloud, i am using [this code]( ]( for integration. but i am getting this error

what is the issue ?