Lr1110 Wifi Lookup service

Hi, I am looking some information about the wifi lookup service that is used to make the wifi geolocation with the lr1110.
Wich database is used and How could I update this database or specify my own access point’s data.


We do not disclose the provider we are working with, please open a specific ticket here, and we do not support customer specific access point.
Nevertheless MAC addresses scanned by the LR1110 can be used with all Wi-Fi solvers on the market, so you can use one which fills your specific need.

I am referring to the case in which I create my own access point using ESP32866 modules for example, how could I register its MAC address in the semtech service so that its data can be used correctly and improve the accuracy of my system? Sorry the link that you gave me doesn’t accept my email to register my user.

Hi Luis,

Semtech does not provide such feature, it is advised to select another provider if it is required.
Could you please give me your email in a private message, so I can forward it to the team in charge of the ticketing system?