Lr1110 LoRa TX problem

I am using LR1110 + ESP32, refer to the code of lr1110_evk_demo_app. I have implemented the porting of lr1110_hal.c and can communicate with LR1110 via SPI, but I have some problems when testing LoRa communication.

I refer to the demo_transceiver_radio_ping_pong routine, both transceivers use LR1110 + ESP32. The problem now is that the receiver can receive the value of rssi through “lr1110_radio_get_lora_pkt_status” function, but the payload size received through “lr1110_radio_get_rx_buffer_status” function is 0. If I use another device (SX1276+ESP32), it can read the value of payload size and rssi normally.

  1. I have checked the waveform of SPI MOSI through the oscilloscope and confirmed that the commands and data he sends are consistent with what I have set.
  2. The receiving end and the sending end use the same configuration, so the configuration error of the sending end can be excluded.

Can someone give me some clues so I can identify where the problem is, I’d really appreciate it.