LR1110 firmware update issues

Unfortunately, at the time we created our prototype with LR1110 we did not know the firmware update requirements. Our host MCU (STM32L071) has only 192K memory and the only way this would work according to the manual is to use MCU as a bridge to receive firmware in chunks and get it into LR1110. Well, we haven’t prepared anything for this either, so all I have to deal with now is SWD interface with MCU.

I was hoping that I could run firmware upgrade in two runs:

  • Use the first executable with the first half of LR1110 firmware, erase the chip, flash the first half of LR1110 firmware;
  • Load the second executable with the second half of LR1110 firmware, ensure the offset is right and flash it.

Tried that and LR1110 stays in the bootloader mode indicating the firmware update didn’t go well. Is this approach right? I’d think it is as it would have to support over-the-air updates later so I should be able to flash a random chunk of LR1110 firmware.

Any help will be much appreciated!

If anyone is interested this getting discussed here: