LR1110 Development Kit Connects to LoRa network but no data observed


I’m currently using the LR1110 Development Kit to test out the functionalities of LoRaWAN but have ran into an issue where the development kit will connect to LoRaWAN but none of the data from the demo application can be seen on LoRa Cloud.

I’ve been following the getting started guide at but I’m not seeing the displays as per what the document describes. The display on the development kit goes green after (for example) the Wi-Fi scan and says “See Application Server” but the locator.loracloud portal doesn’t seem to show any changes.

Clicking on the Device Settings page reveals that there are uplink and downlink packets coming through so it would seem that communication with LoRa Cloud is occuring. I’m thus rather confused why the Wi-Fi and GNSS location data isn’t coming through.

Any help is very welcome!

This is my first time posting so I do apologise if I make any mistakes.