LoRa Edge on-premises Geolocation solver solution

Dear All.

I would like to implement a geolocation solver as on-premise solution. It’s possible to do ?

Thanks in advance, best regards


GNSS: it is not yet possible to use on premise solution to solve GNSS scans
Wi-Fi: you can use any Wi-Fi provider as the LoRa Edge platform delivers scanned MAC addresses


Dear Oliver,

many private/global companies don’t allow to connect to the cloud for cybersecurity reasons. This is the reason that we designed a LoRaWAN Tracker using a standard GPS chip, Nordic BLE and SX1262. You know, the architecture and power consumption of LR1110 is the best on the market. But we can’t use it, beacuse we are no able to decode the location.

I will appreciate your comments, thanks in advance. kind regards