Lora Dashboard client side help please

Good Evening
i am new to LoRa devices and i have a client (that i am doing there communications infustructure for) that would benifit from a online dashboard to monitor there tank levels property temps and even be able to switch lights on and off, so i have been looking for a free way to make the dash board and publish it, so far i have made a dashboard with node red i have a few devices connected and giving me data and showing on graphs but i before i go more in to adding different devices i am trying to work out how the end client can use this dashboard.
i would like the end product to be

  • web based with user log ins

  • accessible world wide

  • non subscription based

  • multiple different devices from monitoring to home automation

is there any open sources ways to active this ? i am willing to learn but with so many different software’s out there i am struggling to find a clear path to the end result

Many thanks

Wow…that’s a really big question, and pretty subjective as there are a LOT of dashboard tools out there that work pretty well. But what I use for demos/prototypes is something that MAY work for you. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of and use…and that is ThingsBoard. You can get a free account at to poke around and see if maybe this is a dashboardnig tool that might work for you. But like I said, there are a lot of tools out there that might work.

Hope this helps a bit…