LoRA Corecell Gateway - Semtech SX1302CSSXXXGW1 Availability

Hello All,

Is the Semtech SX1302CSSXXXGW1 available to buy? When I click to buy online at, it displays, “none of our online distributors have inventory for the Semtech part number.” Can you redirect to how to get it? Also, does it work with only TTN or with the ChripStack too?



Thanks to pointing us this bug, I reported it.
EU :
US :

It’s a gateway so it’s not dedicated to a network server, it can work with every NS depending on what you put int the global_conf.json



Thanks for sharing the information. I thought Semtech SX1302CxxxGW1 ( and Semtech SX1302CSSXXXGW1
( are different. Are they the same?

Also, I am looking for an outdoor gateway instead of an indoor one. It was mentioned in the Digi-Key that the suggested one (SX1302C915GW1) is an indoor one. Can you suggest the outdoor ones?


Hello, ==> Corecell SPI based without LBT and spectral scan ==> Corecell USB based with MCU and with LBT and spectral scan

These two references are indoor gateway,
there are lot of outdoor gateway like this one :
I’ve personally used this one and it’s great.



Thanks for sharing the information and your experience. I notice that all the technical specs are more or less the same between Indoor and Outdoor gateways. As the price difference significantly varies between them, can you help me understand the major differences? Is it only casing difference?

Yes is essentially because of the housing.