LoRa Cloud GLS request: Failed (Unauthorized status: 401)


I have a Yabby Edge LoRa device ( LR1110 based device) connected on TTN V3. In TTN I have configured the API keys of LoRa cloud to perform GNSS / WiFi location resolving.

In my LoRa Cloud portal, the device does get added under the device list, and upstream packets seems to be forwarded to the LoRa Cloud. But the TTN response shown is as following:


With the following response:

“data”: {
@type”: “”,
“namespace”: “pkg/applicationserver/io/packages/loragls/v3/api”,
“name”: “request”,
“message_format”: “LoRa Cloud GLS request”,
“correlation_id”: “b7ecc4828e184e2a87eca2c6ac80d6c0”,
“code”: 14,
“details”: [
@type”: “”,
“value”: {
“body”: “Unauthorized status”,
“status_code”: 401

I have tried re configuring everything and following the instructions over and over. What could be going wrong?

Thanks, Joost

Just faced with same situation.
Do you find any solution?

Hi guys,

have you managed to solve this problem? I really cant understand why this happens.
Thanks in advance.


For the tokens you are using from in TTN V3, have you enabled all of the permissions (highlighted below)?