LoRa Basics™ Station - Release 2.0.6

The 2.0.6 Release of LoRa Basics™ Station is a maintenance release focusing on bug fixes and compatibility.


  • Updated Corecell HAL dependency version 2.1.0

    • Adding support for USB-based corecell (incl sx1303)
    • interface type specified as prefix in device name. e.g.
      • usb:/dev/ttyACM0
      • spi:/dev/spidev0.0
    • Note: LBT not yet supported
    • Note: sx1303 fine timestamping not yet supported
  • Updated mbedTLS dependency to version 2.28 (LTS)

    • Long term support (LTS) version for best compatibility and reliability
  • HAL messages now appear in station logs

    • Eliminating major pain point for debugging radio startup failure
    • HAL log level configurable via HAL log module, i.e. -l HAL:<LEVEL>
  • Authentication header format less strict

    • Line endings \r\n or \n allowed (last line does not require line ending)
    • formerly: printf "Authentication: XXX...XXX\r\n" > tc.key
    • now allowed: echo "Authentication: XXX....XXX" > tc.key

Full Changelog

  • deps: Updated sx1302_hal dependency to version 2.1.0 (no LBT yet) (Resolves #89, #103, #121, #130)
  • deps: Added sx1302_hal patch for handling of latched xticks rollover
  • deps: Updated mbedTLS dependency to version 2.28.0 (LTS)
  • deps: Fixed lgw patch causing IQ inversion in 500kHz channel (Resolves #81)
  • s2e: Added support for AU915 (Resolves #43)
  • s2e: Added support for LoRaWAN Regional Parameters Common Names (Resolves #18)
  • s2e: Fixed dnchnl2 issue (Resolves #79)
  • s2e: Fixed class C backoff logic (Resolves #87)
  • s2e: Fixed class B beacon format (Resolves #129, #131)
  • s2e: Fixed DR range check in upchannels list parser (Resolves #141)
  • ral: Changed handling of xticks for lgw1302
  • ral: Fixed radio in use issue (Resolves #53, #62)
  • ral: Fixed types in txpow assignment (master/slave) (Resolves #118)
  • ral: Fixed class B beacon parameters (Resolves #132)
  • sx130xconf: Fixed parsing of rssi_tcomp values for sx1302 (Resolves #144)
  • tls: Fixed TLS cert parsing issue (Resolves #76)
  • sys_linux: Added support for usb/spi prefix in radio devname
  • sys_linux: Added mbedTLS version to startup log
  • sys_linux: Changed version to be printed to stdout (Resolves #51)
  • sys_linux: Changed default max dbuf size (Resolves #95)
  • sys_linux: Fixed relative home path handling (Resolves #140)
  • sys_linux: Fixed memory corruption during system command execution (Resolves #146)
  • tc/cups: Fixed sync on credset file IO (Resolves #94)
  • timesync: Fixed UTC to PPS alignment
  • log: Changed verbosity of XDEBUG log level
  • log: Changed logging experience for improved clarity
  • log: Added HAL log integration into logging module
  • make: Changed makefiles for more space-friendliness (Resolves #66)
  • net: Changed strictness on line-endings in key files (Resolves #68)
  • gps: Fixed parsing of ublox NAV-TIMEGPS message
  • Restored LICENSE file (Resolves #63, #67)