LmHandlerSend mac commands flushed notification

I’ve run into a possible issue with the LmHandler library.
In particular the LmHandlerSend function.

As I follow the code I see that before sending a frame a function calculates if the number of bytes to be sent will fit in a frame. It takes also in account the FOPTS field.

In case FOPTS field is empty the app data buffer of valid lenght gets sent and life is great.

In case the app data (valid lenght by itself) + FOPTS are greater than the total number of bytes allowed for the given region and spreading factor it will send an empty frame to “to flush MAC commands ”, as commented in the code.

What strikes me as problematic is not only that the app data buffer will be discarted but also that the user will not be informed that his/her buffer wasn’t sent. LmHandlerSend will in this case return LORAMAC_HANDLER_SUCCESS

Hi @peter.krkoc, did you try to report this issue here (