Llcc68 spi comms

Hello, I am making use of the LLCC68. Each time I write a command to the device I get 0xA2 returned.

I can not find any info on what the code is related to.

Any assistance will be appreciated.


Could be the status, indicated in the LLCC68 datasheet in section 10.1 and 13.5.1
However, that would be weird values using RFU bits.

When (during the multi-bytes SPI transaction) do you get this byte ?

I get this response every time I send a byte out over the SPI.

I went through the Radiolib Library and this is the function they have implemented:
// check status
if(((in & 0b00001110) == RADIOLIB_SX126X_STATUS_CMD_TIMEOUT) ||
((in & 0b00001110) == RADIOLIB_SX126X_STATUS_CMD_INVALID) ||
((in & 0b00001110) == RADIOLIB_SX126X_STATUS_CMD_FAILED)) {
status = in & 0b00001110;
} else if(in == 0x00 || in == 0xFF) {

TIMEOUT: 0b00000110
INVALID: 0b00001000
FAILED: 0b00001010

The result is essentially 0b00000010 or 0x2.

Hi Shwan, I also faced similar issue. I found that it was sending data when busy pin was high.

There were no free pins on the MCU, I devised a 1ms delay. after every spi transaction. which is 10x time sufficient for all the busy time other than cold start command setStandby from sleep mode.

FYI, average busy time after write commands is 100us and cold start time is 3500us