LLCC68 Node address filter In Lora mode

Currently, I don’t have any hardware with LLCC68 present. but I wanted to resolve one of my doubts. which is as below.

form my understanding of the datasheet.

  • FSK mode has the “FSK Packet Engine” and
  • Filter node address can be set by “SetPacketParams.”

So my question is, is it possible to set an address or any other unique ID filter for LLCC68.
I want to reduce my controller’s wakeup event for reading messages not directed at itself.

refered llcc68 datasheet

topics referenced from datasheet

  • 6.2.2 FSK Packet Engine
  • Setting the Packet Length or Node Address
  • 13.4.6 SetPacketParams
  • 14.3 Circuit Configuration for Basic Rx Operation

from semtech official library for LLCC68 I found that lora setpacket parameter does not include node adress so I consider it is note-feasible to filter messages with Node address.

llcc68_status_t llcc68_set_lora_pkt_params (const void* context, const llcc68_pkt_params_lora_t* params )
    llcc68_status_t status = LLCC68_STATUS_ERROR;

    const uint8_t buf[LLCC68_SIZE_SET_PKT_PARAMS_LORA] = {
        ( uint8_t )( params->preamble_len_in_symb >> 8 ),
        ( uint8_t )( params->preamble_len_in_symb >> 0 ),
        ( uint8_t )( params->header_type ),
        ( uint8_t )( params->crc_is_on ? 1 : 0 ),
        ( uint8_t )( params->invert_iq_is_on ? 1 : 0 ),

    status = ( llcc68_status_t ) llcc68_hal_write( context, buf, LLCC68_SIZE_SET_PKT_PARAMS_LORA, 0, 0);

but there is still a preamble and a header. I will see if I can set a unique ID filter using the header or preamble.