LLCC68 Fixed Communication

I am using LLCC68 chipset (E220 400M22S) SPI interface.
I want to comunication point to potint. (Fixed communication ) So ;

How I set source modul address and target modul address LORA and FSK mode ?

Please help me ?

Thats a device designed and manufactured by Ebyte who put a microcontroller and UART in front of the LLCC68.

In common with a few of the Ebyte devices the E220 contains custom firmware produced by Ebyte that has addressing functions, see the Ebyte datasheets for details.


I check llcc68 datasheet. sycn word and preamble lenght.
But, my device config setting , even change other values, getting not diffrent resutl for me.

I visited a lot of site but not solving addressing problem.
I have 1000 count these module :frowning:

How I set address between two module ? please help me.