List of variables sent from device?

Hi - where is the list of variables the device sends over Lora? I am trying to determine if voltage is sent and it seems that at least on there is no such variable coming in from the device, when using the live inspector. Would be nice to know what is actually being sent to make sure the decoder is working ok.

Hi, the transceiver does not send anything by itself - it depends on what the application does actually. Can you please describe your setup? What kind of device are you using?

It’s the LR1110TRK1CKS integrated with Helium/Lorawan and using the dashboard. I can’t seem to find any documentation listing the variables that are sent by the device via the uplinks. I am receiving location info from the wifi and gps scans (solved in the cloud) but not sure what other variables the device sends out. If this is the wrong forum channel/topic then pls advise as I thought this was considered related to LR1110/LoRa Edge.

Can you share some of the uplinks carrying the data you would like to understand?

I’m not trying to troubleshoot. I was hoping someone who knew the device could simply list the variables that it transmits. Where is this documented?

Got it - please check this page