How to work basicstation with chirpstack gateway bridge

Hi @abeitler,

As you know i built and run station properly with ttn server but i want to use basic station with Chirpstack server.

I can also connect udp_pkt_forwarder with chirpstack-gateway-bridge succesfully and gateway can communicate my lora node device However i could not understand where i need modify.

I tried with chirpstack config file. (chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml) When i run station still gateway connect ttn server.

I need your help , and thank you for helps since begin.:slight_smile:

Hi @oguzhan.esin,

Station uses a set of files to configure the LNS and CUPS connections endpoints. In order to make station connection to a different endpoint you must edit the tc.uri file with the new endpoint. Depending on the level of security, you need to edit, tc.cert and tc.key as well. See the corresponding section in the documentation.

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Hi @abeitler,

I modified tc.uri file as wss:// to our network server, and i created new api key on chirpstack server and i create new tc.key as you said but i faced error below

The error message reads that the connection to the LNS failed. This can have a variety of reasons and you are probably in a better position to trouble shoot this situation than me.
From a superficial look I suspect that you use an incorrect port. Port 1883 typically designates an MQTT endpoint. Basics Station runs on Websocket. I think you need to configure a basics station listener in your chirpstack setup. Please read the chirpstack documentation and use the chirpstack support material if you run into issues.

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Hi @abeitler , i am sorry for bother you again and again.

I cannot connect gateway to my Chirpstack server properly, i faced error below and as an addition, i can see the log that side of web server to connecting request but not connecting.

Where can be the problem ? thank you. :slight_smile:

Unsupported hwspec=1301/0

You can google for it ->

You didn’t configure the basics station endpoint correctly in your chirpstack installation. In case the chirpstack documentation does not provide you with enough information on how to achieve that, please ask the chirpstack forum.