How to use Lora-BasicStation instead of UDP Packet forwarder

Hi, i have been trying to build my own LoRaWAN Gateway, currently i am using Chirpstack server and UDP packet forwarder.

I built Lora-BasicStation using cross-compile for mips architecture(onion omega2s+) on my ubuntu machine. But i do not know how to continue.

I followed this steps and i faced error below

I guess existing file after the building is not proper for x86 ubuntu machine. How could i run basic station on my onion board ?

Hi @oguzhan.esin,

it looks like you successfully cross-compiled the station binary for a particular mips-based target. I suppose the next step is to copy the binary onto that target and execute it there. Don’t forget to create a station.conf file according to your radio hardware and place it next to the station binary (as described in the docs). Then you need to configure the connection endpoints using the corresponding files (as described in the docs).