How to achieve maximum range with LoRa sx1278 module

I am using the LoRa sx1278 module for my project. Below are some of my observations:-

  1. Maximum distance achieved is 1 km at the line of sight, sometimes it also receives garbage data.
  2. Maximum aerial distance covered with LoRa sx1278 is around 700m.
  3. Without the line of sight it works appropriately within the range of 400-550m.

I am also using an antenna with both devices, i.e. Transmitter and Receiver.
According to the datasheet, Its maximum distance is 10km.

My question is:-

  1. How can I achieve a maximum distance of around 5-6km at the line of sight with the sx1278 module?
  2. How can I achieve a maximum distance of around 1-2km without a line of sight with the sx1278 module?
  3. Suggest the best Lora module?


The maximum range, ground to high altitude balloon, that has been achieved with an SX127x is circa 832km.

For maximum range you need to;

User the highest spreading factor.
Use the lowest bandwith that is stable.
Have good line of sight.
Have antennas as high as possible, the Earth is not flat.
Make sure the antennas are working properly,

If you dont have line of sight the range you get is guesswork, could be as low as 100m in an urban area, not a lot you can do about that.

There really is not a ‘best’ LoRa module in the SX127x class, they all use the same Semtech chip.