How do you calculate the Pt of your LoRa?

Hi, I am using an sx1276 LoRa, Im trying to calculate the Path loss over distance for which I need to have the Pt, I couldnt figure out how to actually get the exact value for the Pt. I hope someone here could tell me how to calculate that.

LoRa is a Wireless system and has the same free space path loss as other Wireless systems.

There are a number of web sites which will calculate the path loss for you.

Try a Google search on ‘path loss in free space’

Thank you for the advice but in this case a calculator wont help me, I need to do the calculations myself, and for those calculations I need to know how to measure the transmit power.

Like, how many watts are actually sent into the antenna using an sx1276?

Depends on the power settings configured, see that data sheet for the possibilities ?

Use an RF power meter.

See here;