Having harmonics on the sx1262 dev kit

We are developing a commercial product, for a client. The chip we are using is sx1262. In our FCC prescanning, our custom pcb is failing by big margin, due to the large harmonics. To investigate this issue further we use the SX1262MB2xAS mbed shield ( To our surprise, this is also failing for harmonics (2nd and 3rd).
What is the reason for such a failure? do we have any substitute for chip sx1262, which don’t differ much in functionality and have similar pin configuration.

Ankit Bansal

I do not have an answer re the harmonics. But you could try the llcc68.

We have previously tested the sx1262/llcc68 against the sx1276 and found differences in the performance. Maybe you could try the sx1276 and see how it performs. But I understand that it is not a drop in replacement and requires a fair bit of effort to work up.