Factors affecting Rx delay

Dear community,
I want a minimum Rx delay for my application. To my understanding, the SF of the receive (RX1 and RX2) windows, the distance between the end device and the gateway, and gateway-to-network server connectivity (GSM/Ethernet) should be taken into account while configuring the Rx delay. Are there any additional factors we should consider when setting the Rx delay? What are the benefits and drawbacks of extending or shortening the Rx delay?


Is this possibly a TTN application ?

If so there is a specific forum for TTN support;

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I appreciate your response. As suggested, Iā€™ll ask the TTN forum for help. I still have a question about LoRaWAN. Consider the scenario when a network server wants to send a MAC command or acknowledgement while an application wants to send a downlink payload at the same time. Will the downlink payload and the MAC command/acknowledgement be included in the same packet?