EUI restrictions


We are setting up a private lora network with our own gateways and LENS server, but we have some questions about the EUI’s used.

Are there any restrictions to the JoinEUI and AppKey’s? I read something about organization unique identifiers (OUI). Are we required to get one? if so, where do we need to apply this?

The JoinEUI is an identifier for the join server. But how do we know we do not choose one that already exists?

And the AppKey, can we just use any random sequence of numbers for each device?

Thank you!

Dear @mjonkers87,

Please refer to LoRaWAN specification v1.0.4, chapters 6.2.1-End-device identifier (DevEUI) and 6.2.2 Join-Server identifier (JoinEUI) which explain the IEEE-EUI64.
They need to be unique, and it is ensured thanks to the OUI assigned by IEEE. You can find more details in this IEEE tutorial and buy an OUI on IEEE website.