Ebyte E32 Configuration Problem

Hi guys! I try to config E32-433T30S before transmitting. I use RF_Setting4.0 program for this. But I can not config like other people. Continually, I saw “no response from module”. If any one know about that settings. Please help me.

This İs my schematic part.

This is Module

This EBYTE RF_Setting4.0

Those eByte modules have a microcontroller acting as a UART front end.

So whilst they may use a LoRa module, the configuration and setup of these eByte modules is specific to the API that eByte have created.

Thank you so much for your return. Could you explain a bit larger(I am newbie at ebyte module)

Although that eByte device uses an SX1276, the configuration interface you are after help with is unique to eByte, its got nothing to do with Semtech.

Perhaps eByte would be a better place to get support for the configuration program they produce for thier products ?

Those modules can be configured in specific mode only - contacts M0/M1 must be shorted to VCC or GND (see official manual for mode combination). Working mode uses another combination of signals over M0/M1…