Downlink communication without server (Gateway -> LoRa SX1280 2.4GHz)

Is it even possible to send a downlink message from gateway to end-node directly without using server? (Gateway -> End-node) Instead of (Server -> Gateway -> End node).
For example, to update setting such as SF, BW, others or even simple “Hello World”.

  1. For our end-node I am using SX 1280 with NUCLEO-L073RZ

and the code

  1. For gateway I am using SX1302 LoRa®2.4 GHz 3Channels Single SFReference Design + interface board+ raspberry with


Did you solve your requirement? If yes, how did you achieve it?
As I also want to do the same. Please, suggest me also.

Thank you.

HI thebunnnny , have you resolved the issue.
I am also facing the same problem,
I am using the same module as you are using,
I am also not able to download the data send to my lora sensor.

can you please give me the solution.

thanks, srijit