Confirm connection to sx1262

I’d like to confirm that the SPI connection from the processor to the module is in place (connectors can fall out). Ideally there would be a way to read a device ID for confirmation.

The best option appears to be reading back a register; maybe reading 8-bits from LoRa sync word 0x740 as that has a specific reset value 0x14 (or to verify set value).

Is there a command or register that I’ve missed?

Looking at the Get… commands, GetStatus looks like might be enough, checking for STBY_XOSC or FS though that takes time to reach. I’d prefer a quick command/response for simplicity.

GetRxBufferStatus won’t apply.
GetPacketStatus doesn’t have a specific value to check for.
GetRssiInst allso doesn’t have a specific value to check.
GetStats would just be zero at the outset.
GetDeviceErrors should be zero unless there is an error.

You can read the register SX126X_REG_XTATRIM (0x0911) when the chip is in standby RC mode - i.e. just after a reset.

The value should be 0x05 (see §4.1.3 XTAL Control Block)

Or just read the value from one of the Sync word registers, save it, write a new value, read back the value to check its changed to the value just written, and then put the original value back.