Building and implementation Lora-BasicStation on mips architecture

Hi guys,

I am wondering, is there anyone knows how to build Lora BasicStation software package and also how to implement for our own gateway ?

I have hardware that have on onion omega chip so i need to cross compile for mips architecture. I build for linux ubuntu machine x86 architecture but i dont even know what should i do after building.

Any guide for me would be appriciated .

Thanks all.

Hi. Yes, LoRa Basics Station has been compiled for mips architectures before.
Here is a guide on what needs to be taken into account for porting the project to different platforms:

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Thank you, At least i know there is people knowing that now. i hope i will achieve it :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on how it goes!

I have some trouble with musl.

argp_parse function is declared somewhere in my directory but compiler cannot see.

It seams your toolchain doesn’t come with argp. Luckily, Station has its own implementation of argparse for such situations. Just add argp to the CFG variable of your platform. Also, your toolchain doesn’t seem to have cfmakeraw which is required for the remote shell feature. For now you can disable this feature by the no_rmtsh CFG option.
In short, try adding this to the CFG section of your setup.gmk:

CFG.onion += argp no_rmtsh

Then do

make platform=.. variant=.. s-clean

to clean the build before building again.

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thank you so much for your helps. I finally built successfully :slight_smile: