Buiding a private LoRa Star network


As of the end of 2024 our LoRaWan provider will stop its activities (and moves to NB-IoT). To overcome this, we want to convert our SX1276 based sensors to a private LoRa star network connecting to our own gateway. Hence my questions:

  • What is required on sensor side to build a bi-drectional communication between node and gateway (@e.g. 200kbs) with a free format payload packet?
  • How to build our own star point gateway (LoRa level only. Cloud access does not need to be covered in this topic) to accommodate for up to 1024 nodes?

Thanks for your suggestions,

In FSK mode the SX1276 can go up to 300kbps, but the distances that would work at would be extremly short compared to the LoRa.