Agriculture sensors

Dear sirs.

I’m new on this forum, and sorry If I make some mistakes when typing my questions.

I have a few questions regarding my project which I want to implement.

At the moment, I make some plan how to implement my own smart irrigation system for watter and other nutritients that fruits and plants need for grow and good yield.

Also, my plan is to make some AI code to detect known causative agents of fruit and plants diseases.

I have an Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 and MKR WAN 1310 (LoRaWAN) mikrocontrollers so my question for you guys are:

  1. Is it possible to connect LoRaWAN agriculture sensors to Arduino MKR 1310 (LoRaWAN)?
  2. Does it exist appropriate libraries for LoRaWANA agriculture sensors to use it with this Arduino MKR 1310 (LoRaWAN) board? Does LoRaWAN agriculture sensors support Arduino MKR 1310 (LoRaWAN) board, to have ability to read data from sensors and manage LoRaWAN agriculture sensors of course?
  3. What is the maximum range of detecting-collecting data from field of an agriculture LoRaWAN sensor?
  4. How much LoRaWAN agriculture sensors do I need to cover for example field of 100x100 metter?

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Sensors are normally just Sensors, with I2C, SPI, or other digital interfaces.

Something described as a ‘LoRaWAN Sensor’ would normally imply that it has the necessary LoRa device incorporated so that it can send messages to a LoRaWAN Gateway.

Very large numbers of different sensors out there, you would have to specifically check if there was Arduino library support for a particular sensor.

Dear mr Stuart. Thank you for your replay. Would You recomend to me where to ask about Arduino libraries? I’ve aked Arduino support, they told me to ask specific vendor of sensors. But who ever of them I asked, they didn’t give me answer on that question … Is there any forum where some people try some agriculture lorawan sensors with arduino?

Try the Arduino forums.