A strange ranging test with 1280


I am doing the ranging test of 1280 and I find a strange phenomenon. I use a Master and a Slave to do the experiments. But when I shut down the Slave, only left Master powered on, I can still get ranging results occasionally,maybe once for several seconds. How could this happen?

Thank you
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Sun Dayang

Hi Sun.

What do you mean by “still get ranging results”. Do you mean from the slave? Being shut down?
If you get those results from the master, I need more details about what do they exchange, so that the master can estimate the range.


I dont know where the ranging results are from. In fact in my experiment, only one 1280 master node is working. When I powered on the Master and the Slave, I can get the ranging results, but when I shut down the Slave, the output from the Master stopped for several seconds and then output a result.