2022-02-07 LoRa Cloud™ Modem & Geolocation Services, pay-per-use billing, other improvements and fixes

Legal changes to the Master Service Agreement.

Pay-per-use billing model and pricing calculator for all services.

Modem & Geolocation Services provides the APIs of the former “Device & Application Service” and “Geolocation Service” at one URI.

The old “Geolocation Service” is not present in the UI and will be decommissioned after 6 months. Use this migration guide.

Join Server replaces the former “Device Join Service”.

Modem & Geolocation Services API (version 2.0.33)
Join Server API (version 2.7.22)

Actions required from you

  • No immediate actions today
  • In 6 months migrate the former “Geolocation Service” to Modem & Geolocation Services


  • Modem & Geolocation Services support more than 50 devices in the free tier (see pricing calculator)
  • Modem & Geolocation Services slightly changes the responses for /api/v1/device/send and /api/v1/uplink/send: no responses may include the optional usage field; The new field operation signals the type of the incoming message
  • The API endpoints of “Geolocation Service” have been moved to Modem & Geolocation Services but the version in the URL path changed. The migration guide documents these changes.
  • All Geolocation Primitive Endpoints return a status code of 400 on validation error of request data. The former Geolocation Service partly returned status codes of 200 with associated error messages.
  • Redesign of the LoRa Cloud Portal UI and links to LoRa Developer Portal
  • Join Server includes 10 free device claims (see corresponding pricing calculator)


  • Various minor improvements and fixes