16 channel gateway


Can anyone explain how to implement 16 channel gateway with 2 concentrator modules and 1 host?
Physicall connectivity part is clear: 2 concentrators wired with Host (RPI over 2 separate SPI buses.

What should I do from packet forwarder side so I have 1 Gateway ID with 2 concentrators? Is there any tuning to be done in global_conf.json I see there is SPI declaration there, is it accepting array of SPI devices? Like spidev0,0, spidev0.1…

    "SX130x_conf": {
        "com_type": "SPI",
        "com_path": "/dev/spidev0.0",
        "lorawan_public": true,
        "clksrc": 0,
        "antenna_gain": 0, /* antenna gain, in dBi */
        "full_duplex": false,
        "fine_timestamp": {
            "enable": false,
            "mode": "all_sf" /* high_capacity or all_sf */