Semtech Transceivers

SX127x family The SX1276/77/78/79 transceivers feature the LoRa® long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimizing current consumption. SX126x family SX1261, SX1262 and SX1268 sub-GHz radio transceivers are ideal for long range wireless applications. These devices are designed for long battery life with just 4.2 mA of active receive current consumption. The SX1261 can transmit up to +15 dBm and the SX1262 and SX1268 can transmit up to +22 dBm with highly efficient integrated power amplifiers. LR1110/LoRa Edge The LR1110 is an ultra-low power platform that integrates a long range LoRa® transceiver, multi-constellation GNSS scanner and passive Wi-Fi AP MAC address scanner targeting geolocation applications. SX128x family The SX128x family transceivers provide ultra-long range communication in the 2.4 GHz band with the linearity to withstand heavy interference.
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